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Introducing the SimSok

The SimSok will fill the void where bare feet is not aesthetically acceptable in live E-sports racing arenas, shoes don't give complete immersion whilst also numbing the feel of the pedals and normal socks simply don't have the traction to keep you going!



"The benefits of shoes & socks with none of the disadvantages. SimSoks have been great for adding grip and maintaining flexibility & feeling. The added grips and the Coolmax material they're made from have been amazing and massively improved my consistency on track."


• "Simsoks are very comfortable and noticeably made from high quality materials. The toe grips are in the perfect location to grip the pedals and the left heel grip keeps your left foot planted to the floor plate. After an hour I have little to no perspiration on my feet, which is usually an immediate problem with socks. Simsoks leave me with the same touch and feel I get with bare feet on the brake when I am applying precise pressure. These are 10 of 10. Well done developers and to the manufacturer."

-A. Anderson

Purchase your SimSok using the button below!


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