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Next Level Racing HF8 Haptic Feedback Gaming Pad

After completing the second round of our GT3 championship, sponsored by Next Level Racing, we will be sharing this product spotlight with you all!

Improve immersion with advanced haptic feedback, without the need for a completely new rig!


Place the HF8 on your gaming chair or racing/flight seat, then adjust the straps for a suited and comfortable fit.

For PC: download the plug-and-play software and then choose your gaming title! The settings can be fully customised to your needs, whether you want to feel all 4 tyres as you drive over a kerb or feel every gear shift! For console: users don't require the HFS software, the HF8 will work through the audio output by plugging the HF8 in using the 3.5mm audio jack.


Purchase your Next Level Racing HF8 and other products below


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