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MOZA RACING's Flagship R21 DD Wheelbase is Now Back in Stock!

Feb 8th, 2023. MOZA RACING, one of sim racing’s leading innovators and manufacturers, has announced that its flagship direct-drive wheelbase R21 is now back in stock at a reduced price of $1099. (The R16 DD base is now available for $899)

MOZA R21 DD wheelbase

The MOZA R21 DD wheelbase is a high-end DD base for pro racers seeking a higher power, better performance, and a more immersive racing experience. It is also the most powerful base in MOZA’s current lineups, offering a full range from 5.5 Nm to 21 Nm. With 21 Nm of power from the R21, feel everything modern racing cars offer! Every bump, slip, and slide can be felt for unbeatable class-leading immersion!

Key features:

- 21 Nm DD Power

- All Aluminium Alloy Body

- MOZA Customized Quick Release

- 262,144 Points of Resolution

- Fully Wireless Communication

- 480W Peak Power

- 1000Hz Refresh Rate

- Ultra Low Static Torque

- Quad Core Architecture

- Superior Temperature Control

- MOZA Pit House Software

- MOZA Mobile App Control

- Six Unique Approaches to Direct Drive Design

While it may look almost identical to the MOZA R16 wheelbase, it sports 30% more peak torque than the R16, the secret lies in the stator and rotor inside.

The R21, designed and engineered by Moza Racing, is the first electric vehicle-grade motor used in the sim racing industry. Unlike traditional motors, the R21 utilizes a split-lobe micro slot stator and fractional slot concentrated windings to give an extremely high copper space factor. This difficult-to-engineer manufacturing process gives a 30% increase in torque and dynamic range detail without the usual temperature increase.

The rotor of the R21 is a triple staggered slanted pole design commonly found in electric motor vehicles and ensures a balanced vibration-free motor.

The combination of a high copper space factor and triple staggered slanted pole rotor results in a motor that delivers increased torque and dynamic range detail and greatly reduces cogging and torque ripple over traditional sim racing motors.

MOZA Pit House

MOZA Pit House is a fantastic piece of software that is free to download and use and designed to maximize the potential of your Moza Racing product. With presets and easy-to-understand settings, beginners can enjoy a plug-and-play experience catered for many popular racing titles. All settings are fully customizable. Pro racers can fine-tune their setup for maximum gain feel and precision. It offers many useful functionalities.

Hands-off Protection

This function can effectively avoid the risk of injury and quickly help restore control by detecting that hands are off the wheel. Once activated, it will quickly stop any oscillation and safely centre the wheel.

Speed-dependent Force Feedback Dampening

This function will increase the damping FFB effect as the vehicle speed increases and reduces the dampening as the vehicle speed decreases to accurately mimic a real race car, resulting in greater high-speed stability and low-speed manoeuvrability.

Force Feedback Equalizer

MOZA’s FFB equalizer allows full customization and fine-tuning of the FFB effects spectrum for a perfect setup in any conditions.

One-click Launching

Save your game configuration in the MOZA Pit House launcher to quickly launch into a game from within the Pit House.

About MOZA

Founded by automotive engineers and sim racing drivers, MOZA RACING is building professional sim racing equipment that drivers can depend on for quality and endurance, and is determined to become a long-term, trusted brand in the market.

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