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MOZA HGP Shifter is Announced!

Feb 20, 2023. MOZA RACING, one of the leading innovators in sim racing hardware and software, has released the much-awaited HGP H pattern shifter today. Beautifully crafted and packed with innovative technology, the HGP has the following key features.

All Metal Construction

The Moza HGP shifter is expertly crafted using CNC machining in black anodized aviation-grade aluminium. Changing gears is a satisfying, precise, and positive feeling reminiscent of gated gearbox supercars.

7+R Layout

The HGP features 7 forward and 1 reverse gear allowing easy integration into most sim games that can utilize an H pattern shifter.

Intelligent Auto Throttle Blip System

Sim racings first-ever intelligent downshift system has been fully developed by the MOZA RACING engineering team. This system negates the need to master the difficult heel and toe technique often used by pro racers to greatly improve the balance and smoothness of the car when downshifting, resulting in better speed into corners and maximizing corner exit speed. This system is fully customizable on the dedicated shifter page in Pit House.

Ultra-high Precision

The Moza engineers decided against a normally limited life potentiometer setup and instead used a 15-bit non-contact position sensor, ensuring accurate, positive, and precise gear shifting and a long maintenance-free life.

H Pattern with Locked 7th and Reverse Gear

In order to prevent accidental selection of reverse 7th and reverse gears, both are locked and require a positive push down to engage, much like real-life gearboxes.

Realistic Feeling

The patented shifter mechanism inside the HGP includes an innovative shock-absorbing damper system. This has been engineered to ensure that every gear change is a positive, smooth, and precise experience for the user.

Replaceable Gear Knob

Whether it's an 8 ball or a crystal skull you prefer, the HGP shifter knob uses standard automotive threading making the choice of after-market knobs almost limitless.

Mounting Options

The HGP is beautifully and ergonomically designed and easily mounted to most sim racing rigs. For desk users, MOZA have designed and released a dedicated desk mounting system available separately.

Multiple Connection Options

The HGP has dual connection ports that allow direct to pc via USB or through the MOZA universal hub and compatible bases.

Patented Dustproof Cover

Just like real-life cars, the patented cone-shaped dust cover on the HGP shifter is not only aesthetically pleasing but also works to prevent dust and other foreign objects from entering the shifter's internal mechanism.

The MOZA HGP H pattern shifter is a welcome addition to the MOZA RACING

lineup, which as usual, has been designed and manufactured to MOZA’s incredibly high standards using the finest materials. An H pattern shifter adds a whole new world of sim racing games to the end user. With the impressive and highly innovative intelligent auto blip system, it is now easier and more enjoyable than ever!

About MOZA

Founded by automotive engineers and sim racing drivers, MOZA RACING is building professional sim racing equipment that drivers can depend on for quality and endurance, and is determined to become a long-term, trusted brand in the market.

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