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MOZA HBP Handbrake

The MOZA HBP handbrake is ergonomically and beautifully engineered. It can be easily mounted on most racing rigs and even desks.


  • Aeroplane Grade Aluminum

  • 16 Bit High Precision Position Sensor

  • Pressure and Travel Adjustable

  • Dual Mode and Multi-Angle Adjustable

  • USB connection to PC


  • 8*25*30 mm Rubber Spring x1

  • Die Spring x1

  • 2mm Phillips Screwdriver x1

  • Flathead Screwdriver x1

  • Type A to Type B Wiring Harness x1

  • Wiring Harness x1

  • Handbrake User Guide x1

  • 2mm L-shaped Wrench x1

  • 10mm Open-end Wrench x1

  • 4mm Allen Wrench x1

  • 2.5mm Allen Wrench x1

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