How amazing was the season opener? Sunday 4th was the first round of the PS4/5 GT3 Championship at Brands Hatch. We had 3 divisions on track at different times during the day and some great battles throughout, including collision free race starts!

Missed the live broadcast? Watch it here!

Division 3

In Division 3, there was some contact early race, however once the drivers' nerves had settled down, we had some really good battles; ones to watch out for were laprea98 and Ouboet576, who battled for the majority of the race!

Division 2

SimoMelo00 had a dominant victory in Division 2, finishing a whopping 49 seconds ahead of GL_Skyfoo44 in P2. Both these drivers are looking strong and have a very high chance to take a seat in Division 1 for next season.

Division 1

For the final division of the evening, Division 1 had 19 cars out on track and you wouldn't believe how close they were in the qualifying session.

The top 16 drivers, all within 1 second of each other!

SVV_Dbaptista found himself in P1 after the chequered flag, Tastentom in P2 and l8gerf8nny in P3

A huge thank you to all those who donated to us on stream, we're getting closer to that PS5 to start championships on the new version!

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After a successful opening round for the PC ACC GT3 championship, we saw Dávid Kalocsai take the win on track at Imola, with Grigory Ivanov in second and Mateusz Hladky in third.

Tricky conditions proved to cause issues for drivers, with some choosing the wrong tyre strategy. Light rain was forecasted for the entire race, however the track didn't seem to get beyond greasy.

View the broadcast from Round 1:

For Round 2 we have Watkins Glen, a track that is fairly new to the scene and one that hasn't been used in our championships before. Luckily for the drivers, it's set to be bone dry, so we can definitely expect even closer racing!

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Updated: Sep 2

With Season 6 just a few days away, you may be wondering if you're fully prepared. In this post, we'll inform you with all you need to know for this upcoming season.


If you're new to The SimZone or league racing in general, then this section will be important for you.

Racing in a league can be daunting at first, especially with our races being broadcasted to if not hundreds, but thousands of viewers.

We advise everyone to view our racing etiquette video, to understand what we expect when racing here at The SimZone.


Each championship has their respective check-in over on our Discord. The automatic check-in will be posted in these channels 48 hours prior to each round, where you must either check-in or out.

You will also notice a reserve option on the check-in. This option is only for reserve drivers who would like to participate in the upcoming round.


For every championship, you are allowed to miss a maximum of 3 rounds. If anymore than 3 rounds are missed, then we have the right to DSQ you from the championship.

However, if you have let us know about any extenuating circumstances, then we will not DSQ you and either keep you on the driver list or move you to the reserves.


Before or during practice (see event schedule), there will be a driver briefing. This is to ensure that everyone is aware of the rules and any important information.

It will be held over on our Discord server in the "Driver Briefing" voice channel and we expect everyone to be on time, unless you have let us know beforehand.

It is mandatory to attend the briefings, any drivers who do miss will have to start from the pit-lane. If they do not, they will be given a DSQ.

If you do not understand English, please let us know and we will write a transcript of what was said, so you can translate it.


All racing and non-racing related rules are listed here. By participating in our championships, you have understood and read all the rules.


If you wish to help support us or if you are enjoying the experience at The SimZone, be sure to show your love here

To round things off, this is looking to be our best season yet and we hope everyone enjoy themselves. See you out on track!

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